Study Materials used in PCARS Classes

We have a program of classes for the three levels of FCC Amateur Radio "Ham" licenses: Technician, General, and Extra Class. We have Zoom and classroom classes scheduled.

There are a number of links at the bottom of this page which connect with various study materials. You can use whatever you feel is right for you, or nothing. What we have in our classes are the questions from the Technician, General, and Extra Class pools. We will cover all the questions on the exams. Nothing more, nothing less. We will be explaining each question and the reasons for the right answer. If you are in the Melbourne, Florida area, when you pass, we will connect you to a mentor so that you can learn much of the odds and ends of ham radio as you go. The more you know, the more fun it is, but when we are preparing for the exams in our classes, we work on the questions you will find in your exam. If you have questions that don't pertain specifically to the exam, we will defer those questions to a later time.

Accordingly, we use the ARRL Q&A book for the classes. The Technician Q&A (7th Edition), the General Q&A (6th Edition), and the Extra Q&A (5th Edition). We cover the material, page by page. If you want to make notes, you can even do that in your book, but it probably won't be necessary. The Q&A books have ALL the questions and a short explanation of the right answer. Diagrams and other descriptive charts are in the book. You can then continue to review the book after the class to prepare for your exam. You can order one of these from ARRL or Amazon. Amazon also has Kindle versions, but make sure it's the right edition. If you are in the Melbourne area, check with TEDCO. It's wise to get the book ahead of time!

Having said that, there is another set of books which can be used as reference material. If you want, you can get one of them for the exam you are working on, and it will provide a whole lot more information and in-depth explanations. You won't need this book for the class (it can be used instead of the Q&A book if you already have one), but it is a great way to build ham radio knowledge. The questions are in the same order as the Q&A books. It's easy to reference back and forth. They are:
1. ARRL Ham Radio License Manual (Technician)
2. ARRL General Class License Manual
3. ARRL Extra Class License Manual
All of these are available from ARRL or Amazon.

If you are going to be in a classroom class in Melbourne, we need to know about that in advance ( If you are going to be in one of our Technician Crash Courses, you can email us ( to get the link to the Zoom room.


AA9PW Review:
AA9PW.... .Practice Exam - The exam questions and the 4 answers for each.

eHam Review: eHam.... .Practice Exam - The exam questions and the 4 answers for each.

How much math is needed on the Technician exam?: Math

Test Taking Hints for Amateur Radio Exams: Hints

Diagrams for the Technician Exams: Diagrams

Memorizing Technician Frequencies: Bands

To DropBox and Power Point slides: Link


Ham Test On-Line: HTOL........ .An explanation of ALL the exam questions and answers.

Study Books. K4IA: The Easy Way. The question and only the right answer. Amazon has them.

ARRL Books: ARRL Store or Amazon